SIA Courses in London

For making your presence in the security industry in the UK, you need a SIA security licence; and for having a SIA licence you must undergo a structured SIA course. Having a training program completed on your part will make you nationally recognized and approved for legally practicing in the security industry. The training course will bring out the competency in you, which is very much required as a part of SIA licensing function. A good training program will enable you to be a part of more competent and professional workforce and this is where we step in. We at My SIA Licence specialize in wide range of SIA courses ranging from a Door Supervisor Course to CCTV operation course and offer SIA training in London.

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Whether you are an individual seeking a role in the ever booming security industry, or run an organization and looking up for a training partner, we are here to help. We will help you make your own security organization or help you grow your business, in case if you already have one. Our highly experienced and qualified trainers pay obsessive attention to our customers in order to make sure they get valuable training out of their investment. We are approved by Highfield Awarding Body for Compliance (HABC) for providing the intended SIA courses, so the training certification you get from us is nationally recognized.




Types of Our SIA Courses

Following segments will give you a glance upon the types of SIA courses that we provide:

  • Door Supervision Services: Our Door Supervision course covers every nook and corner of the requirements to not only grab a Door Supervisor licence from SIA but also to be the best in-door supervision services business. Our devoted staff teaches you the basic concepts of the private security sector as well as conflict management. So that apart from physical intervention techniques, you also get to learn proper management skills to prevent unwanted troubles, or other irregularities from occurring, by just a mere communication.
  • Security Guard Training: Today, crime is varying positively at an enormous rate, and so is the need of security. Even the mere presence of a security guard can prevent a crime from happening. At My SIA Licensing, you get to have a proper security training and skills to handle any situation. We also teach you everything about the people skills and controlling techniques to ensure the quality of job you will perform later.
  • First Aid Training: First Aid can save a life from being lost and also certainly can cause to lose one, if not properly administrated. With our very training, you will go through training modules specially designed to educate you with the knowledge and skills of First Aid and its administration for life-saving. Our program has been developed to comply with the Health and Safety at Work Act of 1974.
  • Close Protection Courses: Our Close Protection SIA course is very demanding in the security industry and the operatives often need to handle immense pressure and deal in with dangerous situations. It is a critical job; you will be guarding celebrities, Sports stars, politicians and VIP people. In order to meet the requirements needed in this job field, you will have to undergo a structured training and possess in-depth knowledge of how to properly execute the job. We cover various aspects of the close protection training that involve threat assessment, operational planning, vehicle techniques, search procedures and close protection teamwork.
  • CCTV courses: When it comes to CCTV training, no need for looking further. We provide dedicated training that will make you more than eligible for applying for a CCTV Operator SIA Licence. We teach you the practical usage of CCTV systems and make you fully aware of the working as a CCTV operator in the private security Industry.

We are Committed to Deliver All-Inclusive Security Courses

We make no compromises on the ground of the quality of each SIA course in London and dedicate ourselves to give you a striving career in the field of security services. You not only get training with us but also get one-on-one guidance upon anything you need to get a good job or make your business grown in the security industry. We provide every inch detail upon the subject during the course, so you need not worry about the examinations. We have some of the highest pass rates in various courses that we offer over the other security courses in London provided by various companies.

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